MB Entertainment -       Myrtle Beach & Wilmington

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Here at Myrtle Beach Escorts we believe in customer service. Your choice of beautiful ladies that want to please you with a no rush, no upscale date. 
We also offer Outcall services in Wilmington as well Check our ladies out to see who is in the Wilmington NC area 

Bachelor Parties, One on One Companions, Two Girl parties & Multi Hour Discounts

This is why I think using Myrtle Beach Escorts is the best value in the world for companionship.

A typical date with a woman that is as attractive as escorts usually are, consist of very expensive components. 
Cleaning Car $15.00
Tank of Gas $45.00
Flowers $50.00
Dinner w/ Drinks 150.00
Comedy Club w/ Drinks $100.00
Total Cost = $360.00
Result = A hug and now you have to Wine and Dine a few more times
Anyways, you make the call.... Escorts are a tremendous value.

The attempt to circumvent our company by obtaining an entertainers personal phone number or entertainer obtaining clients phone number to see them outside our company will not be tolerated and the entertainer/client relationship with Myrtle Beach Escorts will be terminated

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